Assessment for Hiroshima-- due Thursday 10/11

posted Oct 10, 2012, 10:48 AM by Naomi Kirchner
Rather than taking a test over this book, you are going to write a reflective personal response to the book.
In a thoughtful essay, explain what you got out of Hiroshima. 
Some things to consider:
  • Talk about specific parts that affected you or aspects that you didn't like. 
  • Reflect on the author's choices-- the format, his tone, his word choice. 
  • Consider how the book could be improved.
  • What personal connections did you make?
  • How did this book influence or reflect your research or project?
You may use your book and feel free to pull passages to reflect upon.  You may NOT use the internet or a partner.
Please write thoughtfully, organizing your ideas into paragraphs.  You should write in first person.  In order to recieve an A, your reflection should be at least three detailed, thoughtful paragraphs.
Email your response to before 10:24 on Thursday, October 11.  Please make the subject line say "Hiroshima Reflection-- Your Name."  (Do not actually write "Your Name." Please take this seriously, you jokers.)