Language Arts 2012-13

The Other Side of the Sky

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Media Literacy Activity:

1. Using reputable news sources, find an article from 2000-present day about Afghanistan. 
2. Read the article carefully. 
3. Find at least three terms/ideas/concepts that you need clarification on.  Look up each of these concepts, using a variety of reputable souces.  Do not just look up three terms-- rather, really investigate the overall ideas using newspapers, magazines, and scholarly articles.
4. Create a visual web of these ideas with the article.
5. Summarize the article and be prepared to share it.
Helpful souces from the GCPS Research Library:


Due Tuesday, April 16 at the end of second period.
Anticpation Guide:
1. Please respond thoughtfully to the attached Anticipation Guide.  Be prepared to discuss your ideas on Wednesday, April 17.
Reading Schedule:

Third period: you will have even days to work on your projects.  Odd days, we will discuss The Other Side of the Sky and work to prepare for your final.



Media Literacy Activity








Discuss Anticipation Guide


Be ready to discuss Prologue and Gondola 3rd






Initial Group Proposal Due


Be ready to discuss When I was very little and Going to School





Be ready to discuss The Shortcut, Alone in Germany, and Back Home


LA Benchmark





Be ready to discuss Losing my Family, Escape from Afghanistan and Living as a Refugee






Be ready to discuss Talking to God, Making the List, and Sojourn in Islamabad





1        4 hours


Be ready to discuss the end of the book.

2      2 hours



Science Performance Final


6      4 hours


LA Performance Final



7       2 hours



        Gas Laws Test

9       4 hours


TOSotS/Memoir Test

10     2 hours



13    2 hours


Project 6 Due

14    4 hours





Chem County Final


Datties Night




Review for Final



Review for Final













Parody Analysis Paper

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Make it awesome!
When you think you are doing, evaluate yourself on the attached rubric.
Due Thursday, February 6.

Don Quixote

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Sometime between Tuesday 1/22 and Thursday 1/24, you need to read Chapters 1 and 8 of the Spanish novel Don Quixote.  

Annotated versions are in your textbook, starting on page 700.

If you want to read from home, you can find the chapters at these links:
  **Chapter 8-- You only need to read through the 20th paragraph (where Sancho Panza promises to keep his word as if it were Sunday).

As you read, please take notes on the parody that you find.  Note what is being parodied and what techniques (hyperbole, irony, pun, understatement, etc) Cervantes is using.

Analysis of Gun Control Satires

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Pick one of the pieces and write a thoughtful paragraph analysis of the piece's use of satire. 

  • What is the author's purpose/bias?
  • How does the author try to be persuasive?  
  • What satirical techniques does he use? (parody, irony, parallelism, understatement, hyperbole)
  • What is the effect of these techniques?  How does the author's use of hyperbole drive home his point?
I am not really concerned with your personal opinion on gun control; rather, I'm looking for you to analyze the satire regardless of whether you agree with the author's perspective.

Monty Python Permission Slip

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Because this is a PG13 movie that is not approved by the county, you are required to get parental permission.  Please return the permission slip by Wednesday, January 23.


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Attached are notes about Petrarchan sonnets.  Read "Laura" as an example.  Your extra credit poem writing assignment is on the back of the "Laura" handout-- due Tuesday, January 22.
We read "Dulce et Decorum est" to talk about imagery and irony in a poem.
Wednesday, January 16: Read "The World is too much with us" and write a response-- due at the end of third period.  If you need help analyzing the poem, use the TPPCAST strategy.

Final Exam Study Guide

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This will replace your lowest daily grade-- so DO IT!
Due on Friday, 12/14.

Persuasive Writing Review

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Intro to Dante's Inferno

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We discussed this powerpoint on Monday, 11/26
On Wednesdsay, 11/28, we completed the attached webquest and parallel structure practice.  It is due by Friday, 11/30.
Use the following websites to help you with the Levels of Hell graphic organizer:

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