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In a constant effort to learn how to best develop CDAT (which means the best way for you to learn), this page will serve as a more specific resource to assist in AKS clarification.  Check the attachments below for assistance/clarification regarding your AKS.

What are we going to study?
First of all, you can study any language if you have a passion for it.  However, the majority of the class will be focusing on the latest, expanded and upgraded version of Python using EarSketch. (Download your own copy at  That's first semester.
Second semester you can continue with your own language, or Python, but I thought it might be fun to do Java games using Greenfoot or Android Apps.

  1. Each PERSON should click on this link to get an AKS spreadsheet.
  2. While the spreadsheet is open, choose "File > Make a copy...", and name it "CDAT10 2013 AKS Programming Name" (and replace 'Name' with your name.
  3. Add as an owner.
  4. This will allow both of us to share your grades as they develop.  You will receive one Gradebook entry for this AKS sheet. The grade will be the average from your spreadsheet, so you will know your grade without having to check the portal.
  5. While we can each edit the spreadsheet, keep in mind that it does track revision history, so students should never edit the grade column.
  6. An AKS grade can be replaced by an improved effort on later projects!

When each project concludes, you will need to demonstrate which AKS you accomplished via these tutorials.

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