There are 5 different technologies that you have chosen from in this class.  This is great because you can combine technologies for better products, and you can focus on that technology all year and improve your skills.  The challenge is greater independence and self-regulation that you will need to master.

See the links below for topic and your AKS.  You will be demonstrating these AKS during the year, I will be evaluating how well you did so.  We will talk about this more in class.

See your topic subpage below for more information.

I will be prioritizing subjects on the following days (after I start that group, I help all groups):
  • Mondays will be a "help anyone" day
  • Music, Video and Web on Tuesdays
  • Programming and 3D on Wednesdays
  • Thursdays and Fridays I spend more time with the CDAT11 students, but it's a critical day where you plan your projects for the next week, with your teams.

For ALL students: our first day or two is establishing your portfolio.  Want to make money doing what you love? Have an online portfolio that tells YOUR story.  It should be a blend of pictures, stories, style, that will hold your work from last year, but even more from this year, in your tech specialty.  One of my former students' portfolio is  (she's now a web designer with Google)

Due by Friday, a very strong design idea and visual example.  
Due by Wednesday, a final first draft, according to the rubric. 

****Email a link to your portfolio site to with the email "CDAT10 Portfolio"