Project 2 - Going Nuclear!

Presentation Day - Friday, 10/3!
  1. Time limit of 5 min.
  2. Bring up the team website
    • What did each person do?
    • What science concept covered – what is it, how did you make this the basis of your project?
    • What challenges did you face?
    • Any “cool moment” in your project?
  3. Show the projects (within limits, some might be samples)
  4. Receive comments on presentation and product
How to share your product with us:
  • On the Shared Drive, look for the CDAT DropBoxes, then CDAT10 folder.  You can "paste" your product there, you can't open it the folder itself.
  • If you have a movie, game or other non-web-based item, put the item in that folder.  Be sure your product is named all  of the first names of the people in your group.  For example, save a movie as "JohnJuanMaryAlthea.wmv"
  • If you have something on a web site or online, save a Word document with a link to that web site or online.  Save your Word document all of the first names of the people in your group.  For example, save it as "JohnJuanMaryAlthea.doc"  Make sure your online product is public and viewable, not private.
  • Your product is due before 7am Friday, no exceptions.
Nuclear weapons. The Big Bang Theory. Chemotherapy. Nuclear energy.

These are all practical applications of atomic theory.  How has atomic theory impacted modern life?

More importantly, do you support the ramifications of atomic theory?

Our focus for this project is atomic theory, research practices, and persuasive writing strategies.

Chemistry: For your second project, you will research an application of atomic theory and take a stance on the effect of that application. Then you will create a persuasive project that argues your stance, using your chemistry standards to explain as support for your issue. 

You will also be writing a timed piece of persuasive/argumentative writing using your research.

Biology: For your second project, you will research a biological extension that you derive from Hiroshima. Then you will create an expository project that demonstrates in depth research of your topic.  

You will also be writing a timed piece of expository writing using your research.

Important Dates:
  • 9/9/14 - Project Kickoff: Create and share a Google Site for your team. There will be a form for you to submit the website address to your teachers. Brainstorm ideas about the technology to be used and the story you want to tell, posted on your team site. Have a clear plan for the next week (you need a storyboard and script), with specific tasks assigned to specific team members, and post this on your team site. 

    Rubric for weekly team update (tech grade) is here
  • 9/12/14 - Research!  You will use your day in language arts to find at least three reliable sources that you can use for your project.  The citation of each source and the information that you found needs to be deposited on your team's site.  You will use this information when you create your script/story board AND when you write your essay. 

  • 9/16/14 - Storyboard/script and draft of project due at beginning, posted on your team site. During the previous week you should talk to your teachers to see if your research, project storyboard, science, and tech are reasonable (not too much, not too little). You should not have any major gaps at this point. Have a clear plan for the next week (try to finish the project!), with specific tasks assigned to specific team members. 

    Storyboard rubric is here
  • 9/23/14 - Your goal is to be finished with most of your project by this date. There will be a lot of fine-tuning to do, more than you expect. Be ready to share a draft with your teachers for critique and suggestions. Ask your peers as well. Write up a specific list of tasks, assigned to specific team members, posted on your team site. 

  • 10/2/14 - Project DUE!!