Project 7 - It's all about you

Coming to the end of the year, it's time to reflect on and polish up what you've done.  While the development of your portfolio will be your Technology Performance Final, this is a window of time where you will have the chance to create 2 items in your choice of technology that can be highlights of your portfolio.

These products will be independent (no teams, all you).  This way you can focus on your skills, no team dynamics, etc.  

You will need to focus your work on a Science topic, as this is a great way to review for that final (CDAT actually became a STEM academy because a student wanted to do their science in 3D).  

You will also have a language arts component.  This will be part of your portfolio as well, and it will be a reflective writing assignment.  We'll post the details soon, and link it here.

Here are the general dates:
  • April 14:  Start "Item 1" - be sure to check with Dr. Rohrbaugh for Science topic.  Add a page to your personal portfolio called "Item 1" and describe what you are going to make for the first item, and what technology you're going to use in making it.  Be sure to contact Reilly about the idea, you don't want to make anything too complex that you can't complete in time.  After we're done, you can change the page name to something cooler than "Item 1"
  • Before April 16, have the "Item 1" page done, having clarified what you want to do with Reilly and Rohrbaugh.
  • April 23: "Item 1" is due, should be on your personal portfolio page.    Your portfolio page should write up a the technology you accomplished, the steps you took, the challenges you encountered along the way.  Also, time to start "Item 2"!
  • May 2: "Item 2" is due.
  • **You can start "Item 2" earlier, and finish "Item 1" earlier as well.
  • Please check the calendar regularly (like, every day)
How will the technology items be graded?
This depends on the technology of choice, and it will be partially subjective.  Because this is for your portfolio, and is intended to show your ability with a technology, your items should show a mastery of skills.  Therefore, your portfolio page should list how you accomplished the project, and the technical skills entailed.  You should show a variety of skills, not just a lot of hours.    Here's a bit more detail, if it helps.

If your projects are science-focused, your grade for science will be based on the scientific coverage (quality, accuracy, etc).  

Language arts will reflect on your portfolio writing in some way, more details listed here soon!