Project 1: AP BIO- Science Fair!

AP Biology Project 1- SCIENCE FAIR!!!!

It’s time to ask......WHAT IF?

Due Date- September 20th.

- experiments should be completed by this date, lab writeups written and you should be ready to present

DON'T FORGET ABOUT TECH - you can use your technology skills as a project, like programming and more! Check out these links:


Weds. 8/14- idea and two references due

- remember references should demonstrate the feasibility of your project and help demonstrate how it is novel research

Fri. 8/16- all INTEL paperwork is due as well as project outline

Fri. 8/23- final experimental plan due

Weds. 9/4- experimental results due

Fri. 9/13- rough draft of lab report and project presentation due

Fri. 9/20- Project Due

- posters due not have to be printed at this time they may be just laid out and formatted

- students should be ready to present in CDAT

The school science fair has not yet been set but students will be expected to participate; at that time posters or trifolds should be ready for presentation.  Following the September 20th. deadline, those students who choose to do so may continue with their projects to improve their work prior to competition.

You are NOT required to use your technology for the science fair, but it is possible to do so! Ask Mr. Reilly for suggestions, once you identify your project with Dr. Rohrbaugh.

A full rubric will be posted soon.