Project 5 - Knock us out!

Liberty Vinyl Boxing GlovesWhen you're in a group, it's a matter of joined forces, compromise, and you can't fully show your stuff.  Now it's time!

You will be working individually on the subject of your choice, either Language Arts or Science, and the choice of your expression!  In other words, knock us out with your brilliance!

You must use the current science or language arts topic.  You could also do neither, just some cool tech thing, IF your average in BOTH Science and Language Arts is at least an 87.  

Doing a project in a subject does help to reinforce that subject, so it's a great way for anyone to help their more challenging subject.  But, if you are doing great, and you want to have a good time showing off your "mad skills", go for it!

Share your ideas with us, let's make the coolest thing ever!

Here are the general dates:
  • Monday, February 11 Project Kickoff
  • Each Monday, a plan for the week on a planning website listing a reflection on a previous week as well as your plan for the following week.  Consider which Tech AKS you are going to address!!
  • Friday, February 22 Solutions Test
  • Monday, February 25 Practice Gateway
  • Friday, March 1 Lord of the Flies Test
  • Monday, March 4 Begin Julius Caesar
  • Friday, March 8 Chemistry Midterm
  • Wednesday, March 13 Language Arts Midterm
  • Tuesday, March 12 Practice Gateway
  • Wednesday, March 20 Project Due
  • Friday, March 22 Julius Caesar Test
  • Monday, April 1 Science Gateway

Science AKS:


14) analyze properties that describe solutions and the behavior of acids and bases (GPS, HSGT) (SCCH_B2005-14)

14a) explain solubility in terms of substances involved (i.e., solute, solvent) and the process of dissolving a solute by observing factors that affect the rate at which a solute dissolves in a specific solvent

14a1)  demonstrate that solubility is related to temperature by constructing a solubility curve

14a2) express concentrations in molarity,

14a3) prepare and properly label solutions of specified molar concentration

14a4) relate molality to colligative properties (GPS)

Acids and Bases-

14b) compare, contrast and evaluate the nature and behavior of acids and bases in terms of Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry Acids/Bases

14b1) compare, contrast and evaluate strong vs. weak acids/bases in terms of percent dissociation and conductivity

14b2) compare, contrast and evaluate the nature of acids and bases in terms of  Hydronium ion concentration and pH

14b3) compare, contrast and evaluate the nature and behavior of acids and bases in terms of acid-base neutralization



14c) classify common substances as acid, base or neutral based on chemical properties


Language Arts AKS:


Parody of Lord of the Flies