Projects 2017-2018

Project 2: Pick your Poison!

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For this project, you have a couple of options. 

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1. You may conduct a science experiment or create an math/engineering project and compete in the Lanier Science Fair. 
2. You may create a series of five mini projects to demonstrate your understanding of several social studies standards. 

First task: Create a project planning document and submit it in the google classroom. Due by Friday, 9/8.
Second task: One person from each group should submit this form. Due by Friday 9/8.
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Science Fair Calendar of Deliverables:

Idea and Research Topic: Due on Tuesday 9/12

Annotated Bibliography (includes at least five sources): Due on Friday 9/15

To turn in: Put on your Team Planning Document (link to a google doc on your planning document)

Research Plan: Due on Friday 9/29

Pitch Deck and Initial Data: Due on Friday 10/13

Science Fair Resources:

Social Studies Project Calendar of Deliverables:

Here is the choice board of options.

Mini Project 1: Due on Monday 9/18

    To turn in: Put in the Drop Box on Mrs. Barrett's EClass Page

Mini Project 2: Due on Monday 9/25

Mini Project 3: Due on Monday 10/2

Mini Project 4: Due on Friday 10/6

Mini Project 5: Due on Friday 10/13

Grouping Requirements:

Science Fair: One to three people in a group

Social Studies: Groups of two and you can’t work with someone you worked with during the last project

Project 1: Ancient Macromolecules

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Your task is to pick one ancient river valley civilization and one macromolecule. You will synthesize these two concepts and research ways that your macromolecule and civilization are connected.

For Example: Consider how carbohydrates may have impacted (rise/fall/success/failure) various aspects of Egyptian culture including nutrition, economics/trade, religion, and foreign exploration.

You will need to draw on what you learn in world history, biology, and conduct your own research. There may not be easy answers and you may need to synthesize information and develop your own hypotheses/interpretations.

This is also an opportunity to show off your best tech skills from your freshmen year!


Create a project using the technology of your choice that:
    • Address how each STAIR characteristic is represented in your civilization (specialized workers, technology, advanced cities, government, religion, record keeping)

    • Includes at least one example of cultural diffusion

    • Includes properties of the macromolecule

  1. What are the essential elements of the macromolecule?

  2. What is its monomer?

  3. What is the basic structure?

  4. What are roles/significance of the macromolecule?

      • Includes 2 connections/facts between your selected macromolecule and region

    • Includes all sources in MLA format

Groups: Three to four people, based on your CDAT group

Calendar & Deliverables Schedule

Thursday, August 10:

  • Kickoff and make teams (teams are based on biology classes)

  • Build a team planning document-- instructions are here.

Friday, August 11:

  • (DUE) Work on your team planning document.

    • Determine macromolecule and region.

    • Come up with a preliminary project idea.

    • Develop at least three preliminary questions.

Monday, August 14:

  • During 2A, you will develop a research question bank

  • You will work with the teachers to develop brainstorming questions to Depth of Knowledge Level 3 and 4 questions

  • Submit your groups' final questions here.

    • Teachers will put questions together in a bank

  • (DUE) Teams must decide on at THREE DOK 3,4 questions. Must be put on team planning document by end of day Tuesday (8/15)

Tuesday and Wednesday, August 15-16:

  • Work on research in LA

  • (DUE - Wed) Create a fact sheet. Here are the requirements. Put your fact sheet on your team site by Wednesday, August 16.

  • Use your fact sheet and what you are learning about your macromolecule and river valley civilization to begin answering/justifying your group’s questions. This will be due at the end of the project.

Friday, August 18:

  • (DUE) Create a detailed plan for your project: script, storyboard, outline, content blueprint. Requirements are here.

Monday, August 21:

  • Lesson on SCRUM. Your group will break down your proposed project into manageable tasks. (2A)

  • Create a detailed plan for your project: script, storyboard, outline, content blueprint (using the SCRUM process)

Thursday, August 24:

  • (DUE) Written justification - answers to your group’s DOK questions.

  • (DUE) Completed project. Show a teacher for preliminary feedback. Please see the attached rubric for evaluation here.

Friday, August 25:

  • Group reflection and final edits on project.

Monday, August 28:

  • Present completed projects

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