Pick Your Poison

posted Oct 4, 2016, 12:11 PM by Naomi Kirchner   [ updated Nov 3, 2016, 3:36 AM ]

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For this project, you will have three choices. We want you to delve into the project that you find the most meaningful--whether it is fighting cancer, competing in the science fair, or enriching your STEM understanding.

Choice 1: Model a Cell to Scale
            Deliverables include:
                Research Paper  -- due Friday, October 21
                Blueprint of cell  -- due Friday, October 21
                Model of cell -- due Friday, November 11

Choice 2: Enter the Science Fair
            Deliverables include:
                Research Topic /Annotated Bibliography (minimum of five resources) -- due Tuesday, October 18
                Introduction  -- due Friday, October 21
                Research Plan including Timeline and Material and Methods -- due Friday, November 11

The following links will help you to prepare your project ideas, see past Gwinnett County Regional Winners as well as other supports.

Choice 3: Create a Play v. Cancer Game-- for the Play v. Cancer event on February 20
            Deliverables include:
                Research Paper    -- due Friday, October 21
                Storyboard and Game that is 75% completed  -- due Friday, October 21
                Playable Game-- due Friday, November 11

Groups: No more than two. Your partner needs to be in your tech class.  
(Except for science fair-- no more than three, partner does not have to be in your technology class). 

Wednesday, October 5        Launch the Project
                                          Submit Team Site
                                          Determine which project you are going to do and who you are going to work with
Friday, October 7                  Research and outlining            

Tuesday, October 11           Research Paper Outline Due (LA teacher will check in class on Wednesday)
Wednesday, October 12          Write Research Paper and work on storyboard/cell blueprint
Friday, October 14                 Finish and edit research paper and work on storyboard/cell blueprint
Wednesday, October 19          PSAT-- no academy time -- work in tech classes
Friday, October 21              Research Paper / Annotated Bibliography Due at midnight (LA/Science grade)
                                          Math Model/Storyboard/Science Fair Introductions Due (Present in class)

Wednesday, October 26          Work on cell models and games
Friday, October 28              Presentations! Working Cell Model / Playable game Due (Present in class)

Wednesday, November 8        Finishing touches and editing-- make it perfect!
Friday, November 11            Presentations! Final Cell Model / Final Game / Final Science Fair Plan Due