Escape your EOCs!

posted Apr 6, 2017, 8:25 AM by Naomi Kirchner   [ updated Apr 24, 2017, 4:20 AM ]
Image result for three keys Your goal for this project is to create an Escape Room that will help you and your peers reviews for your End of Course tests. 

  • Your room must have a theme and a coherent narrative.
  • Your room must last 10-15 minutes long.
  • You can choose one subject or use a mix of subjects.
  • You must address at least five standards.
  • No more than five people in one group.
  • You will create groups based on your language arts class.  
  • Brainstorming: five ideas and two themes. This is classwork grade in LA due on Friday, April 14
  • Justification of standards: You need to explain, in detail, how your project addresses your five standards. It will replace classwork grade in subject area of group focus.
  • Paper playable version as tech grade
  • Final room grade as quiz grade in science and LA based on scoring matrix from rubric

Monday 4/10
    • Kick off in LA 3B Rohrbaugh, 4/11 Kirchner and Freshman Science or LA

    • Look through this awesome website!

    • Each team can choose one subject or a mix but must make a 10-15 minute themed room that can have puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty

Wednesday 4/12
    • Go on the field trip!

    • Homework:

      • Decide what subject area you want to focus on

      • Come with 5 puzzle ideas and 2 theme ideas

Friday 4/14
    • Sophomores will attand junior capstone presentations (sophomores)

Monday 4/17
      1. Create a theme for your escape room
      2. Build a project site and submit here.
      3. Determine about 10 objects that would be in your room (use google images if you need)
      4. Create a storyline for your room. What are they trying to accomplish? What challenges will they have to face?

Wednseday 4/19
    • Sign up for rooms
    • Identify the five standards you will assess and explain how you will address the standard in your puzzles

    • Must assess different five standards minimum, majority of puzzles must be standard related but can have some nonstandard

      • For evaluation, the correct usage of standards will replace a grade in that class (will not be a new grade in the gradebook)

    • Continue planning out your room.
      1. Convert your storyline into a map
      2. Create a puzzle for each challenge in your story map
      3. Develop each puzzle into an assessment of an AKS (to review for EOC)
      4. Make a minimal playable game (paper version of your room)

Friday 4/21
    • Continue to work on making a minimal playable game.
    • Some things to consider: Use props, music, food, etc to develop your theme and enhance your game.
Wednesday, 4/26
    •  Have paper versions playable-- be assessed by an academy time teacher
Friday, 4/28
    • Work on building the actual room
    • Assemble props, puzzles, etc
Wednesday, 5/3
    • Play rooms!
      • You will have 15 minutes to set up your room, 15 minutes for playing, and 15 minutes for takedown.