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Project is due on Friday, February 17 at 9:00am
Turning in your project: Put your video in the Shared Drive
Shared--> Student Work--> Shared--> CDAT Dropboxes--> Soph. Biotehnifunnies Project
**Please verify that your video will play on a school computer before your submit it**
**Please include all group members' names in the title of the video**

For this project, you will be delving into the newest and most exciting current issues in genetics and technology. We want you to develop a deep understanding of a current issue and then create a parody or satire of the issue. 

January 11: 

1. Find an article about a current issue in genetics or technology that interests you. 


Sources to find articles:

2. Build a team site and link your article to your site. Then submit your team site here

3. Read the article and do any background research to help you understand the article. We want you to develop a solid, in-depth understanding of the issue. Answer the following questions and add them to your team site. 

Task                                            Due Date

Find and read your article                January 11

Build and submit a team site             January 11

Answer the questions about article     January 13 (put on site)

Explanation of satire                        January 13 (put on site)

Storyboard/script                           January 20 (put on site)

Peer revision day                           January 27 (presentation in class)

Rough cut/preview                          February 1-8 (presentation to a teacher)

Presentation Date                           February 17

Final product: Create a video that satirizes the scientific issue in your article-- or see your tech teacher if you have a different final product idea.

Group size: 2-3 people