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Satire Analytical Essay

posted Jan 27, 2014, 9:09 AM by Naomi Kirchner

For this assignment, you will write a thoughtful essay analyzing how chivalry and knights are satirized in two texts—Don Quixote and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


·         Introduction with thesis statement

·         Body paragraphs explaining what aspect of chivalry or knights is being satirized and how each text creates the satire (through parody, irony, hyperbole, etc).

·         Direct quotes integrated as evidence into your assertions (at least three)

·         Solid analysis that answers the question “So what?”  Why are these elements of the Middle Ages being satirzied?  Or rather, why are the Middle Ages satirized?  What aspects of the Middle Ages are ripe for satire and why?

·         Conclusion that ties all your ideas together

Final Due Date: Monday, February 3


Writer’s Checklist:


___Did you explain what a parody is and connect it to the texts in your introduction?

___ Did you properly punctuation the titles of both texts?

___Do you have a thesis statement in your introduction?


___Do each of your paragraphs have a topic sentence?

___ Have you used at least two direct quotes AND properly cited them?

___ Did you integrate your quotes into a sentence and then explain why the quote is significant?

___Did you fully explain your assertions using specific examples from the texts?


___Did you capitalize proper nouns?

___Did you correct use apostrophes to show possession?

___Did you edit for run ons and fragments?

___Did you use transitions to connect your ideas and make your sentences flow together?

___Did you vary your sentence type?


___Does this essay represent your very best work?