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Julius Caesar Scene Rewrite

posted Mar 17, 2014, 7:03 AM by Naomi Kirchner

Now Hiring!

Creating an updated screenplay for The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

You like the story of Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus, but it badly needs an update.  Kids these days just don’t enjoy Shakespeare—and this play is particularly difficult!  You have been commissioned to rewrite two scenes in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and pitch it to an educational company.  If your scene is good enough, the company will hire you to write and produce a movie version of the play. 

The idea is to keep the story and the plot mostly the same (you can make a few artistic decisions, like Baz Luhrmann did in his film version of Romeo and Juliet) but to update the setting, dialog (make the language understandable!), and characters into a form that high school students today would enjoy and relate to.  It can be in modern times or a time in the past that students would understand.  Be creative in how you manipulate the storyline—consider morphing the characters and setting into the mafia, gang members, or CEOs.


In your portfolio, you will include:

 1.     A professional cover letter that pitches your rewrite, explains the scene and its importance, and convinces the company to hire you to update the play.  This is where you explain any major changes you made.

2.     The rewritten version of the scene.  Include all dialog, action, and background information.  Please don’t pick a scene that is too short or you will lose points.  Your rewritten version should be at least a few pages long. (This is the heart of your project.)

3.     A list of characters with detailed descriptions of how they look and behave.  You may need to include pictures of potential actors and actresses.

4.     A detailed description of the setting and any pictures to help describe it.

5.     A detailed list of the set, props, and costumes that your scene uses.  You will need to include visuals of these.


 Your portfolio should be neat and professional, as if you really were pitching your ideas to a company.  Everything should be typed and neatly put together.


You may work with a partner on this project or you may work as an individual. However, partner work must be twice as good!





DUE DATE: Monday, March 23





Julius Caesar Project


Cover Letter                            ___ /15

List of Characters                   ___/15

Description of Setting             ___/5

List of Props/Costumes           ___/5

Rewritten Scene                     

            Two Scenes                 ___/20

            Accuracy                     ___/15

            Length                         ___/10

Creativity                    ___/10

Professionalism                       ___/5