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Independent Reading-- Spring 2014

posted Jan 10, 2014, 10:24 AM by Naomi Kirchner


Independent Reading Requirement


Independent reading is important for fostering literacy and building a life-long habit of reading. This aspect of our Language Arts program is to encourage students to read more and to learn to make good choices about reading by selecting books of interest.  See your teacher, a friend, or the media specialist if you need assistance in finding a book that you might like.


Book Selection:

·         Fiction or non-fiction (not a book you have read before!)

·         Appropriate for school, age, and ability (teacher approval REQUIRED for all book choices prior to reading)

·         Books with controversial matter may require a signed note from your parents prior to approval of your outside reading selection.

·         Get your book from any source – LHS or public library, home, bookstore, friend, teacher, etc.

·         No short stories, plays, magazines, newspapers, comics, etc. – NOVELS AND APPROVED NON-FICTION ONLYNo books based on movies, no self-help books, no religious texts.

·         Books with pictures in them will earn only half the page count.

·         If you don’t like a book selection, stay with it for 25 pages; if you still don’t like it, PUT IT DOWN and select a different book, with teacher approval.

·         We will go to the media center as a class twice a semester.


Getting Credit for Your Reading:

·         Your assessment will be a student-teacher conference.  You and Mrs. Kirchner or Mr. Phillips will sit down and discuss your book.

·         You MUST convince the teacher that you are reading – if the teacher doubts you are reading, you will not receive credit for those pages.  If you re-read a text, you will not receive credit for that reading.  Also, texts read as class novels, plays, etc. cannot be used as independent reading books.

  • On rare occasions, you will be given class time to read, but most of the reading will be done OUTSIDE of class.  Regardless, you should have your book with you EVERY day (you never know when you might have a few moments to read).


The Grade:

  • Your Independent Reading Assignments/Projects and Graded Book Conferences will count as a project grade. 



Due Date: February 17