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Hero's Quest Webquest

posted Sep 4, 2013, 3:20 AM by Naomi Kirchner

Due via email to by Wednesday, September 11.

1. Go to:

2.           Click on “Get Started.”

3.       Read the Introduction to the Hero’s Journey.  Make sure to scroll down on the right to read the whole passage (four paragraphs).  Click “Continue.”

4.       Read the “Name and Describe Your Hero” information.  Then select a hero from literature or pop culture.  Some possibilities are listed in the table below:

Possible Heroes


Luke Skywalker

King Arthur


Rocky Balboa

Harry Potter

Katniss Everdine (from The Hunger Games)

Captain America

James Bond






*After selecting your hero, follow the directions on the website and type in the box provided.

5.       On the images on the right, click on the picture of the person holding a baby (if the circle were a clock, click on twelve o’clock).  Read this section and fill in the information as best as you can for your selected hero.

6.       Continue clicking around the “clock,” reading each section and responding in the boxes.

7.       When you have completed all eight steps, click “Preview” to look over your work.

8.       DO NOT PRINT!  Instead, take a screen shot of your page and paste it into an email.  Then email it to   Please title the email "Hero's Quest_Your Name."